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Athletics Alberta is the provincial organizing body for track and field, cross country and road running. As a branch member of Athletics Canada, Athletics Alberta is made up of individual members, member clubs and affiliated organizations. The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics.

Athletics is a dynamic sport and not just for those who are completely dedicated, but for all those involved in all activities. Through our various programs and activities, Athletics Alberta tries to bring the joy and benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to Albertans.

Athletics Alberta's central office is located at the Percy Page Centre in Edmonton.

In order to meet its purpose, the Association annually:

  • Publishes an online calendar listing for Cross Country, Race Walk, Road Running, Track & Field, Coach Education/ Training Camps events in Alberta, Canada, neighbouring Provinces and Internationally
  • Assists in the development of Track & Field, Cross Country and Road Running
  • Provides education and training clinics for coaches, teachers and officials
  • Hosts local, provincial, national and international events and competitions. In accordance to our strategic plan, Athletics Alberta conducts competitions either through either the Provincial Office directly or via member clubs, regional track & field councils and partner organizations
  • Selects Team Alberta that compete in Canada Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Games, Western Canadian Track & Field Championships/ Tri-Province Meet & Invitational Events
  • Advocates for the identification and development of facilities for indoor/ outdoor track & field, cross country running and road running
  • Is a source for information, contacts, event entries and technical standards for Athletics